Nu Sentral, KL

A critical objective of the design process for this project in planning terms was to allow occupants of this tall mall to navigate the circulation through and around its eight levels.

Located between KL Sentral LRT station at the edge of the busy commercial area of Brickfields and Kuala Lumpur Sentral station transport hub, the Nu Sentral building itself becomes the pedestrian link between the two.

Subsequently, the lower ground, ground and first floor and the typical remaining floors had, respectively, distinct circulation patterns depending on their relationship with the street level, the LRT, the adjacent office and hotel buildings, and the Sentral Station. All of these different axes were conceived to have a common intersection on plan which became a focal feature of the mall. This tower feature provides, depending on the level, key tenant space, promotional space, relaxation space or enhanced circulation area where foot traffic volume requires it.

The tower becomes a strong reference feature from anywhere in the mall and because it is so conspicuous, it becomes an effective multi level audio visual information device when combined with the latest digital technology.

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