Gurney Paragon, Penang

This mall is part of a development comprising two residential towers and most notably, an F&B environment arranged in and around the much loved St Joseph’s Novitiate, which has been restored and given new life.

The distinctly modern character of the new architecture was continued throughout the interior of the mall, the layout of which has a central circulation spine on which tall multi-level spaces are arranged and which terminates at the heritage building and its surrounding courtyard. The formal axes of the Novitiate are adopted in the setting out of the floor finishes around it, and the same grid is superimposed in the finishes and some of the features of the mall interior. Seemingly randomly set-out ceiling finishes, bridge links, and blocks of floor finishes all take their cue from the structural orientation of the Novitiate.

Much of the interior is unadorned, both in contrast to the period character of the St Jo’s and also to allow the vibrancy of the tenancies to have full impact.

Solid signage elements are conceived to have been cut and polished from single pieces of stone – a notion adopted from ‘paragon’, meaning ‘diamond shaped’.

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