Great Eastern Trainning Centre, KL

Great Eastern Life has a vision to create a fully integrated training centre, catering to the needs of its staff and insurance brokers for the central region of Peninsula Malaysia. Given the substantial area involved and the complexity of the brief in terms of space utilization, a concept was devised with ‘The City’ as a theme.

Individual components, such as training rooms, lecture theatres, cafeteria and ballroom, were then given urban-scape identities, such as The Village, The Amphitheatre, Bayside Dining and The Town Hall respectively. Each of these spaces within the50,000sqm area was then given specific design treatment to reinforce their identities; all linked by the ‘High Street’. This playful rather theatrical concept was implemented deliberately to provide an environment to put people at ease for their training, often the most daunting aspect of which, is role-play.

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