ECM Libra

Architect: RSP Akitek

The redevelopment of this existing four storey building was to provide a new headquarters for a financial services company. The contemporary fa├žade maximises daylight for the building occupants by the removal of all non-structural walls. The building was then wrapped in a full curtain wall system of solar performance glazing. Clear, translucent and opaque glass panels were utilised depending on functional considerations within the building, or whether the remaining structure was chosen to be obscured. Giant graphics were applied to the glazing to enhance the strong branding of the organisation using translucent film.

In the essentially open-plan configuration of the interior, the curtain wall features are kept prominent and are intended to provide a cool efficient corporate backdrop against the softer furnishings of the spacious interior where the occupants are known to spend significant periods of time, especially for night time trading.

At night the building’s curtain wall transforms as the interior lighting becomes prominent and a different level of transparency ensues. The occupants can choose the degree to which they interact visually with the outside world by individual modulation of interior lighting and louvres.

Efficient planning ensures the accommodation of existing employees in all their respective departments with provision for future expansion and additional break-out and social areas. At grade level a generous entrance foyer was created by linking the two original entries into one and breaking out the fire staircase enclosure to create a more iconic glass enclosed public stair.

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