DTZ is a prominent global player in the real estate and property consultation industry. With a somewhat obsolescent office identity, an opportunity existed to create a fresher, more dynamic image for the company.

The location of the offices enjoys a panoramic view of the KLCC precinct, and the planning of the reception area, visiting zone, casual meeting space and the access areas to the more formal meeting rooms has been organized to ensure that this visual experience is for the enjoyment of employees and visitors alike. The main office space was defined by the introduction of a sinuous circulation ‘spine’ enhanced by a linear storage wall accessed from the common space. This forms a long meandering line that extends into the furthest reaches of the layout, only interrupted strategically to give access to various departments within the office.

The more private, enclosed offices of key personnel are glass-walled and arranged at the perimeters so as not to cause visual disruption across the office or block daylight from the deeper reaches of the plan. The result is an office space that enjoys a high degree of natural lighting affording the occupants direct visual connection to the outside with its long vistas.

The bright colours used in the furniture fabrics and carpeting represent the creative edge that DTZ have to their corporate image, and to create striking contrast in the space, giving it a fresh, bold ambience. A single line of fluorescent fittings zig-zag on plan, mimicking the snaking spine of the main corridor. The overall result is distinctive and bold yet still corporate, reflecting a new age in DTZ’s long history in the real estate world.

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